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Here at Fresno Drug Rehab Centers, we understand the struggle to reach out for help. Here, we enlist a team of dedicated experts to make every step in the process as easy as possible. A quiet, relaxing environment that is devoid of loud noises, distractions and will make the pathway to your recovery much more successful.

A 3 Step Process

Fresno Drug Rehab Centers knows addiction is challenging for you and your family. Our team of intake counselors has created a fast and easy process to get started. Below are three simple steps to take your journey to the next level:

  1. During your first phone call, you and an admissions consultant will discuss your history with drug and alcohol habits. Along with any other co-occurring disorders, they will then decide if Fresno Drug Rehab Centers is the best place for you. If not, your counselor will match you with a facility that better fits your needs.
  2. If Fresno Drug Rehab Centers is a good fit, you’ll then go through a process where your insurance is verified. All payment options will be discussed.
  3. Once the details are settled, Fresno Drug Rehab Centers will help you make intervention and transportation arrangements if necessary. You’ll then be able to rest easy, knowing you’re now in better hands.

The First Step starts now. Call (559) 677-0199

What Happens After Treatment?

The road to recovery doesn’t end when you leave our facility. Aftercare is very necessary in order to maintain sobriety. If the individual decides to withdraw from the process at any point, their chances of relapse are high. Fresno Drug Rehab Centers is still committed to keeping you sober, even long after you leave. This is why we have set up an after care program for alumni.

Fresno Drug Rehab Centers ensures you are set up with support groups, recovery meetings and any connections to qualified therapists in the Fresno area.  You also will receive phone calls every now and then, just to check in on you and make sure you’re on the right path. Any questions that arise or advice you might need are welcomed with all calls.

Fresno Drug Rehab Centers loves their alumni so much, there will always be meetings involving treatment, fun sober events and reunions. In addition, former clients are always encouraged to speak at special events and current enrolled members. The recovery process is a consistent beast, and Fresno Drug Rehab Centers wants to be there to tame it for you and your family.

Our Promise

Here at Fresno Drug Rehab Centers, we understand that accidents and relapses occur. This shouldn’t mark the end of your journey. If you or your loved one has a setback within 1 year after successfully completing a 45 or 90 day program, Fresno Drug Rehab Centers will give you a complimentary 28-day tune up to help you get back on the horse. An advantage this good means the chances of leading a happy and healthy life are even bigger than before.