The use of Yoga in the journey toward Recovery

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A number of practices are suggested for individuals who are trying to recover from alcohol or drug addiction. One of the most recommended is yoga. This type of addiction recovery therapy does not only help substance abuse patients improve their physical health, but it can also be a good practice when it comes to enhancing the patient’s mental well-being. This is exactly the reason why an increasing number of rehabilitation centers are implementing the use of yoga therapy as part of their comprehensive substance addiction treatment program. This could mean that when patients have finally reached the point wherein they can go back home and live a normal life, they are equipped with techniques on how to handle stress properly. The early stage of addiction recovery can be overpowering and frightening. Therefore, it is people who are in recovery must have the right resources that can provide them the strength they need I order to overcome the challenges of the recovery process. Yoga can be one of these resources.

Yoga as a Stress Reliever

Stress is already part of a person’s life. Unfortunately, lots of people tend to abuse alcohol or drugs as their way to handle stress and for people who already managed to get sober for a certain period of time, they tend to relapse into their bad habits in the past when they feel stressed out. Studies have proven that the regular practice of yoga can lower the person’s blood pressure and increase the level of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are the natural painkiller of the body that help people ease pains, aches and irritation and improve depression as well as the emotional states that are related to self-esteem. All of the benefits of yoga can help recovering individuals to be more positive and to feel better which gives them the strength they need to resist cravings and temptation that may lead to alcohol and drug use.

Yoga and the Recovery Process

Yoga is beneficial for everyone, but it most beneficial for those who are in recovery from addiction. Alcohol and drug abuse means that people lose control over their body and mind. By practicing mindful techniques including yoga, they will be able to become comfortable again in their own body. Yoga is mainly helpful during the early stage of the addiction recovery process wherein patients often feel confused and the time wherein they have to deal with lots of stress. Practicing yoga can help these individuals to deal with life stresses much easier and see the brighter side of life. Yoga allows them to regain their physical and mental strength so that they have a higher chance of achieving success in their recovery journey.

There are lots of new coping strategies that have been introduced to the public. This can be good for recovering addicts as they can have lots of choices when it comes to recovery, but experts suggest giving yoga a try. Yoga can bring a sense of peace in the mind and help in cleansing the body.

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